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Orgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals inside

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Orgone pyramids are believed by some to have positive effects on energy, well-being, and the environment. They are typically made of a combination of organic and inorganic materials, such as resin, metals, and crystals, and are said to work by balancing and harmonizing energy. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, some people use orgone pyramids for various purposes, including improving energy flow, reducing electromagnetic radiation, and enhancing meditation or spiritual practices. Here's how you can use an orgone pyramid:

Place it in a Central Location: Orgone pyramids are often placed in a central location within a room or space to help distribute their purported energy-balancing effects. The pyramid's shape is thought to amplify and direct energy.

Meditation and Energy Work: Many people use orgone pyramids as part of their meditation or energy work routines. They place the pyramid nearby or even under their meditation cushion to create a focused and harmonized energy field. Some believe that the pyramid's energy can help enhance their meditation experience or spiritual practices.

Sleep and Relaxation: Some individuals keep orgone pyramids on their bedside tables or under their pillows to promote relaxation and improve sleep. They believe that the pyramid's energy can create a soothing and harmonizing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection: Some people place orgone pyramids near electronic devices like computers, Wi-Fi routers, or cell phones, believing that the pyramid can help reduce the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, it's essential to note that scientific evidence for this claim is lacking.

Chakra Healing: Some individuals use orgone pyramids as part of chakra healing or balancing practices. They may place the pyramid on or near specific chakras during meditation or energy healing sessions to help align and balance their energy centers.

Decoration and Aesthetics: Orgone pyramids are often appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. Even if you do not subscribe to the energy-balancing claims, you may choose to use an orgone pyramid as a decorative piece in your home or office.

Personal Intentions: Some individuals believe in the power of intention and may use orgone pyramids as tools for focusing their thoughts and intentions. They may hold the pyramid, concentrate on their desires or goals, and believe that the pyramid's energy assists in manifesting these intentions.

It's important to remember that the effectiveness of orgone pyramids is a matter of personal belief and spirituality, and their purported benefits are not scientifically proven. If you choose to use orgone pyramids, do so with an open mind and a sense of personal exploration. Additionally, always exercise caution when purchasing orgone products, as their quality and composition can vary widely among manufacturers.

Different Variations:

Lapis (Size 55-60mm): Throughout the ages, lapis lazuli has been revered for its brilliant blue hues, as well as its uncanny ability to reveal truth. Known as the “Stone of Truth,” lapis lazuli guides those in possession of it towards inner truth and honesty in relationships. Lapis lazuli assists in expression of feelings and emotions, paving the way for a stronger sense of self.

It is associated with the throat chakra so it can help with all forms of communication.

The beautiful lapis lazuli stone alleviates nervousness and insecurity. Keep it in your pocket, on your desk, or in your bag so you can draw strength from it when needed. Rubbing the lapis lazuli worry stone will bring wisdom, good judgment, and inner peace.

Green Aventurine (55-60mm): This stone brings excitement into one’s life. It provides strength and courage. Green aventurine is associated with attracting prosperity and abundance of all forms. It helps to heal all aspects of the heart. It is said that it can even help with nausea. Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra. And can bring success into the wearer’s life.

Wear this perfect piece of jewelry any time you are working to attract these aspects into your life.

Carnelian (55-60mm): Carry the stimulating fire power of carnelian in your pocket to overcome timidity.
The carnelian tumbled stone is small enough to carry in your pocket or keep on you – especially at those times when you need an extra boost of confidence. The bold orange color of the carnelian tumbled stone is associated with fire energy and power. This energy allows you to feel heat, passion, creativity, and confidence.

It is associated with the sacral chakra (the center of the life force). The carnelian stone is also known as the "Singer's Stone" due to helping with communication clarity and strengthening one's voice. Speakers and singers often carry the carnelian tumbled stone on stage to help them overcome timidity. Carnelian can help heal the body. It works well with the digestive system and can help cure skin disorders. This stone can also treat diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Not only can you carry these with you wherever you go, but they can be scattered around your home to help enhance passion and personal power.

Yellow Aventurine (55-60mm): Creativity, Perseverance, Balance

Yellow Aventurine is an uplifting crystal. It works with the solar plexus to create ambition. Particularly, it is very helpful for those who are sensitive or indecisive. It balances the yin and yang energies.

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    Orgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals insideOrgonite Pyramids- Assorted Crystals inside