• Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
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  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
  • Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS
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Yooperlite Tumbled Stone XS

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Yooperlite is a unique type of rock or mineral that is known for its fluorescent properties when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. The term "Yooperlite" was coined by rock hounds in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, where these rocks are commonly found along the shores of Lake Superior. While Yooperlite is primarily known for its intriguing appearance under UV light, it is not typically associated with specific healing properties in the same way that crystals and gemstones are in metaphysical and healing practices.

The fluorescent glow of Yooperlite is a result of the mineral sodalite, which contains fluorescent components that emit a bright orange or yellowish glow under UV light. While Yooperlite may not have traditional metaphysical properties like other crystals, it can still be appreciated and enjoyed for its unique and beautiful appearance. Many people collect Yooperlite specimens for their aesthetic and decorative value, as well as for the novelty of their fluorescent glow when viewed with UV lights.

If you are interested in exploring the world of crystals and minerals with specific metaphysical properties, you might want to consider traditional gemstones and crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz, or clear quartz, each of which is associated with various healing and spiritual attributes.

The name Yooperlite refers to Syenite stones that contain Sodalite. Because of these inclusions, the stones glow orange or yellow under UV light. Discovered in 2017 on the Lake Superior coast in Michigan, Yooperlite has since been found all around the Great Lakes and certain areas in China.

Did you know that the name Yooperlite was coined by Erik Rintamaki who first discovered them? The name reflects the area where the stone was found, as the term “yooper” is a colloquial name for people who live around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This means that Yooperlite is a trading name and therefore can only refer to Syenite Sodalite crystals found in the area. The stones discovered in China are usually referred to as Fire Stones.
Yooperlite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Yooperlite has a variety of healing benefits and metaphysical properties. This incredible stone is governed by the element of Fire and therefore gets its powers from this element. It brings forth the energy of truth, clarity, and understanding.

Did you know that Yooperlite is an instant energy boost? Its vibrations provide you with the ability to be confident in your truth.

Yooperlite Healing Properties and Benefits


Yooperlite allows you to speak your mind and have confidence in your truth. This means that you are able to communicate with others freely.
Meditate with this stone placed on your Throat Chakra. As you do so, allow your mind to focus on your truth and what you need to express.

If you need help to focus on the task at hand, Yooperlite works to rid you of any distractions.
Place your Yooperlite stone on your desk when you are working.
Confidence and Self-Acceptance

Did you know that this amazing stone provides you with the confidence to be yourself? With this stone, you are able to express who you are to the world.
Keep a Yooperlite stone in your pocket when you need a confidence boost.
Dispels Anger and Negative Emotions

Yooperlite releases negative emotions and dispels anger. Its calming qualities allow you to forgive yourself and let go of negativity.
If you feel your emotions taking over, hold your Yooperlite crystal in your hands and focus on your breathing.

The vibrations of Yooperlite clear the mind and brings forth clarity and understanding. This means that it is a great stone to use for decision-making.
If you have the decision to make, hold your Yooperlite stone in your hands while reflecting on the choice you have.

If you are in need of inspiration, Yooperlite’s fiery energy brings forth the energy of creativity and expression.
If you like to paint, write, or make music, have a Yooperlite stone nearby to help you with your creative pursuits.


Yooperlite is a protective stone that works against negative energies.
Place a Yooperlite stone in your home to provide protection.
Mindfulness and Inner Peace

If you need to focus your mind and develop mindfulness and tranquility, Yooperlites’ peaceful vibrations will help.
Have a Yooperlite stone by your side when practicing mindfulness and searching for inner peace.

Did you know that Yooperlite promotes balance and harmony in its surroundings? Its energy works to dispel negativity energy, allowing you to center yourself.
Meditate with a Yooperlite stone to find balance in your spiritual and emotional life.
Sacred Truth

Yooperlite is linked to the Throat Chakra. Working with this stone allows you to find your truth about the cosmos.
To open your Throat Chakra, meditate with a Yooperlite stone placed on your throat.
Manifestation and Transformation

Because Yooperlite is governed by the element Fire, it has incredible manifestation and transformational properties. Working with it can bring abundance into your life.
In order to manifest with a Yooperlite stone, hold it in your hands while visualizing your goals.
Yooperlite Side Effects

Drains Energy: Yooperlite is an energetic stone, so you may feel drained after using it in a ritual.
Overstimulation of the Throat Chakra: If you work with Yooperlite regularly, it may overstimulate the Throat Chakra. Make sure you cleanse it and take a few breaks if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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